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About Us


The idea for DoorstepRx® was born out of a recognition that today’s community pharmacy must provide same-day home delivery service in order to compete and thrive. Most big box stores are now offering same-day or next-day home delivery for a charge. For decades, community pharmacies have offered home delivery of medications in order to provide a more personal service. Community pharmacies are among the most trusted professions and according to the latest survey consumers prefer shopping at their local pharmacy rather than the big box stores.


Among stores that provide home delivery, the cost of delivery including the vehicle, personnel, insurance and fuel has increased dramatically in the past decade. In addition, PBM’s are restricting home delivery to promote their mail-order and their unfair audits designed to recoup thousands. Now you can expand your market and grow your business.


DoorstepRx® offers a platform that connects pharmacists and patients in a secure, private and personal way. At its root, it also connects old and new. It takes the best elements of traditional independent pharmacy — expert patient care, a service mindset and an individual relationship between the pharmacist and the patient — and combines it with the technology-based convenience that today’s consumers expect and demand.


You can maintain records for auditing purposes, optimize, route and maintain control over your delivery service to reduce cost by as much as 30% and schedule up to 20% more and reduce fuel cost by as much as 15%.


We designed this for you to help you build your business and grow.


Mehrdad Hariri, RPh, CPh